CODE ERROR are a rock band from Yokosuka, Japan.
The band consists of Josh (vocals), Ash (guitar), Yoshy (drums) and Myu (bass guitar).
They have the sensibility quite different from other Japanese ordinary rock band and are also showing their own style. On stage, their audience frequently culminate with the band playing so aggressive. CODE ERROR's album straddles a wide range of genres, while retaining a characteristic sound.

In May 2004, CODE ERROR was founded by Josh, Ash, and Yoshy. They had been always playing without bassist at Bar named "BUZZ" for foreigners. In August, Jerimy was staggering drunkenly through the streets of Yokosuka when he heard their sounds coming out of a bar. He approached CODE ERROR and enquired about joining the band as bass player. Josh was skeptical, but when he heard Jerimy's bass line licks he immediately decided that Jerimy was just what the band needed.

Later Jerimy introduced his good friend James as rhythm guitar/song writer for the band. While James was joining the band, CODE ERROR created multiple songs, such as "Under The Same Blue Sky" and "Hey Lord". After James was forced to leave the band due to leaving Japan, he founded his own band named "Mother Revolution".

In September 2007, they were able to play their live show at hanger bay of USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). It was the first heroic deed in a history of Japanese rock band, and other Japanese rock bands still can't reach their glory till present day.

In Feb 2008, Jerimy had to be forced to leave the band due to leaving Japan. But he was concerned about the band would stand on a hard place if they didn't found a new base player after he leaves the band. During Jerimy's farewell party, CODE ERROR ran into Myu that served them as bartender. Myu was looking for a rock band without a bass player. Jerimy asked Myu to join with them for giving her his position. CODE ERROR gave him memorial  Zippo that carved as "Forever Friend".
Jerimy is forever their honorary member, which means that Jerimy can play as an official bass player in CODE ERROR anytime .

Finally Myu was accepted as an official band member by CODE ERROR. Myu of keen discernment and sensibility gave them a new style that they could not have ever. Especially a new song called "Incomplete" was completed by her joining the band and proved to have enough the strength for inducing audience of moshing.

For stepping into the new world, the new legend has just begun...