Ash / Guitar (2003- present)

Birth : Julius (JULY) 3rd

Ash is a Japanese musician, songwriter, composer, and sound director. He has been referred to as Ash, his stage and nickname, by his private life and fellow band members. His birthday is the same Josh's. Ash is Heineken Believer.

On stage, he seems like the silent type while CODE ERROR's live show, but his playing style sounds like roaring waves in storm.

He always use a Gibson Les Paul guitar or X-Plorer guitar with Marshall amplification as a rock bouncer. However, his stance for composing tunes stay open to possibilities. As he matured, his playing style became inspired more by an acoustic sounds for playing songs.

Outside CODE ERROR, He is one of most important founder in an acoustic unit "Ace and Joker". Besides, "Ace and Joker" has been accepting frequently to some offer to play a popular cover tunes for audience. He is an owner of the club "Ash's Bar" for members only. Nothing can ever replace that wonderful moment of eating his food.

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