Josh / Vocal (2003- present)

Birth : Julius (JULY) 3rd

Josh is a Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, and sound designer. He has been referred to as Josh, his stage and nickname, by his private life and fellow band members. His birthday is the same Ash's. Josh is Guinness believer.

He's always singing in a rich baritone voice but his shout is like a howling wolf. Therefore, his aggressive performance is giving all audience the unforgettable impression.

Josh writes almost all CODE ERROR lyrics, often using personal, social, and inner psychological themes. Josh's lyrics contributed to CODE ERROR's rebellious and assaultive tone. As he matured, his lyrics became inspired more by a medieval art for using metaphor interpretation.

Outside CODE ERROR, he has been collaborating with artist Professor Richard in a music unit named "ATMOSPHERE" since 1999. And also his inquiring mind for music founded a few side projects "The Dirty Room" and "KUDOS". These side projects have been switching to a different style from CODE ERROR's sound.

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