Myu / Bass Guitar (2008- present)

Birth : Aelius (June) 29th

Myu is a Japanese musician, bass player, and a reformed character for composing tunes. She is one of most important person who restructures CODE ERROR's view of the world and rebuilds all tunes.

Myu's playing style has a rising passion with sensitivity to beyond the other female Japanese bass players. She can play driving basslines with a heavy sound like a fire-and-brimstone and always gives a deep impression to the whole audience.

Before she joined in CODE ERROR, she was the lead singer with playing guitar in a few rock bands. Actually as a base player, her experience for playing in live show was almost none at all but her performing technique and her sensibility gave CODE ERROR surprise and also inspired the respect of the whole members. Myu is the rock guardian and a watchful protector.

Especially the lyric of "Incomplete" that Josh wrote have gotten an inspiration from Myu's philosophy of life. Josh stated, "It felt like a salvation and chopping down my stereotypes". The reason why CODE ERROR likes to drink down a shot of tequila is because there was by her boost.

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