Yoshy / Drums (2003- present)

Birth : Invictus (February) 28th

Yoshy is a Japanese musician, drummer, arranger, and the "God Father" of CODE ERROR. He is one of most important founder in this band. Yoshy gave Josh and Ash a new sensation to make decision of forming a new rock band. Three kind of men have a friendship as drinking pal. He likes to have a glass of draft beer.

Yoshy's drum technique was influenced by a variety of heavy monster drummers, such as Terry Bozzio, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), and John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham (Led Zeppelin). His drum solo in CODE ERROR's live show is one of the highlights and setting up a climax with all audience.

Recently he gives some inspiration to other members as an arranger while CODE ERROR composing songs in studio.

Outside CODE EEROR, he also is the one of founder "MADNESS". After they got a new female great singer, they decided to transform to the new style of the symphonic power metal band "Trailblazing Of Symphonia". However, he gave place to a new young drummer recently.

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